A great informative YouTube little video on business card files and creating your own cards- we don't know these folks - just trying to make sure you get all the best possible information!

DID YOU create your ART


If YOU or A GRAPHIC DESIGNER created your files for print, take a quick look at these guidelines before you place your order. It might save you time & money to have us correct - and should help ensure your artwork is in the best possible format for print.


Just a few GUIDELINES we suggest for Designing your 

Perfect Print ready file.


Make sure you've accounted for the 'bleed' in your design, filling this area with any background colors or images. Ensure all important parts of your design are kept within the safe area. (What does this mean?)

See our business card illustration below.


Where possible designs featuring graphics or text should be submitted as vector based PDFs.  Please note, saving text in JPEG format could result in 'fuzzy' edges.


We use a 4 color ink process (CMYK). Please be aware that screen colors (RGB) may appear duller or lacking in contrast when printed. Always preview your work in CMYK where possible.



When your design features a mix of photography and text,

make sure your placed photographs are 300 dpi,

your final design is saved as a PDF.


Standard Size Business Cards

1102 x 642 pixels @ 300 DPI

submit to us as a PDF file format





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