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Already have your files for print?


We encourage you to take a quick look at these guidelines before you place your order. It might save you time - and should help ensure your artwork is in the best possible format for print.



Chances are you have paid either a designer/former printer to design

your existing card or marketing materials. Thus you have ownership over these files and are free to use as desired.


If you don't have the files in your possession you will need to call your former printer/designer and request your print ready files to submit to us.


Try and obtain the working files as well as print ready files (2 files if possible) just in case you/we would need to change a name - phone number etc. on a file - this makes the process easier & efficient.


FILES SUBMITTED FOR PRINT should be in this format:


Standard Size Business Cards

1102 x 642 pixels @ 300 DPI

Submit to us as a PDF file format

Click here for required format details